Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Cure for What "Ales" You

Today marks the beginning of the Oktoberfest in Germany and every German community worldwide. I went to the Oktoberfest many years ago (1980?) and got a migraine (not their fault), but otherwise had some excellent food and got a few cool steins. I don't drink alcohol, though, so I missed out on what Benjamin Franklin called the proof that God loves us (beer). Brittany will be our faux St. Pauli Girl hostess today in place of Ashley-Amber. And, yes, the waitresses at Oktoberfest really do carry up to eight beer steins at once. I have no idea how.

More soon when I figure out what to do. It's kinda early in the weekend for me.

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Lily Strange said...

Eight years and several pounds ago, I had an incarnation as a cocktail waitress in a casino. A clumsy cocktail waitress, mind. Oh, I did all right carrying glasses on that little tray, but I hated carrying bottle beer. It had a habit of tipping over because the bottom of the bottle really isn't that heavy. It especially had a habit of tipping over when the clumsy cocktail waitress was plowed into by a swaying, alcoholic gambling addict.
Me, I'm a big wuss. I can't drink any more and I gamble seldom. I'm kinda glad that my incarnation as a clumsy cocktail waitress is long gone. Brittney looks like she's handling her Oktoberfest Maid gig pretty well, though.