Sunday, September 28, 2008

Would You Like to Take a Survey?

The Daria Fandom Blog II has been running for almost a year now. It started out as a lot of random ramblings and evolved over time into, um, a lot of calendar-based ramblings. It is an easy blog to maintain, as the posts are short even if the research is at times involved.

Because Daria contained so many topical and cultural references, it proved to be easy to do a full year's worth of day-by-day Daria-related notes. I have no problem with continuing this (it's fun, really), but perhaps there are other things that could be done.

What would you like to see here? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Any comments, criticism, praise, or suggestions? Let's hear 'em in "Comments" below. Remember, you're going to be reading this blog for another whole year. May as well make it fun for you, too.


Мавроев said...
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Мавроев said...

Hm... The map of all American s... Maybe more thoughts about the main Daria fan fiction treads especially alternate versions of Dariaverse... =)
E. g. "Daria as a superhero tread"... 'Cause I totally don't understand it...

the bug guy said...

Daria fanfiction has cycled through different trends over the years. So far, I've found most of them to be a lot of fun. I'm not big on zombie stories, but those did springboard the Ringbearers stories that haved turned into a whole lot of fun to read and write.

We are also seeing more post-canon stories with various twists that are also very entertaining to read.

I suspect that for the near future, canon-type stories will continue to be rare because, let's face it, there's been a bunch of stories written in that genre and it is hard to come up with new, fresh ideas.

The Angst Guy said...

I was thinking of writing an essay on AU-type universes for Daria fanfiction and how they've been around a long time (Kara Wild's DWU, Canadibrit's TLAS, Wildgoose, etc.) Also, the show's alter egos (and various daydream sequences as in "Write Where It Hurts," "Murder, She Snored," and "Lane Miserables") opened the box for different roles for characters, using them in different circumstances. The Off-Canon Canon stuff has done the same, broadening character roles and the boundaries of reality, making AUs a valid style for this fandom.

Kara said...

Congrats, Roger. You've done a stunning job, between the constant updates, the intricate knowledge, and the steady supply of images. I like your suggestion about doing more in-depth essays.