Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Musical High Notes

  • Jake: How come you don't ever play the flute anymore, Daria?
  • Daria: Because you ran over it when I was in fifth grade, which was two years after I quit playing anyway.

Mozart's comic opera, The Magic Flute, opened on this day 217 years ago. Daria played the flute in third grade, as we know from "Cafe Disaffecto," and was traumatized as a consequence. ("Did anyone ever make you practice 'Pop Goes the Weasel' on the flute every day for a year?") The less said about band camp, the better. Daria's time with the flute is expanded upon in one famed fanfic, and is continued to the present day in another.

Listen to some Mozart today. Enjoy.

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Lily Strange said...

In some ways Jake reminds me of my own father. I just realized this and it's a scary thought!