Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Most Depressed Student at Holiday Island High

The upset girl at right is actually one of Daria's unnamed classmates, getting a bad psychic reading from Ms. Barch in "Fair Enough." However, she is pretty much how I imagine that the kid named International Day of Peace looks at Holiday Island High School. Happy Peace Day today, for what little it is worth.

On a happier note, today is the anniversary of the birth of many people and things of peripheral importance to Daria fandom, judging from message-board posts and fanfic contents. Here they are:
We don't have and will probably never have peace, but we can toast the folks above and their creations for keeping us from thinking about that.

LATE ADD: A thread on PPMB has been devoted to discussion of the Ringbearer story mechanics (exactly what can a Defender Ring do, etc.). If you are interested, see also the DariaWiki entry for Defender Rings, which is being revised.

Legendeld has more rants to rant for the weekend.

Newest entry on DariaWiki: The Agency! Thank you, Richard Lobinske!

Moar l8t........ Okay, it's l8r now.
  • Give and Take, by slowlygoinginsane (Part 1): Daria set her bags down as she looked at her bedroom. Padding still on the walls. Just the way she left it when she headed off to Raft. Tomorrow she would be back at Lawndale High. The thought sent shivers down her spine.
  • Is It Graduation Yet? by MandeeMistress (Part 8): “I’m not okay with this. I cared about him a lot. But I’m not okay with him sleeping with his ex girlfriends.”
  • Liquid Diet, by Smileyfax (Part 1): "I should let you know, I'm infected."

  • Data Dump, by CINCGREEN (Part 3): There must be some way out of here / Said the joker to the thief....

  • Falling Into College 64: This is Now, by Richard Lobinske (Part 4): "Your soul is so bright, but there's a darkness behind you."
  • Farmyard Funnies, by Deref (Part 4): [I have a bad feeling about this.—TAG]
  • Invading, by Lorenzo Sauchelli (Part 2 Preview): "We don't need Avengers, we have the Super Friends!"
  • A Little Sax in the Morning, by CAP (COMPLETE!): Joey smiled broadly as the door opened. Mrs. White was a tall lean blonde with a body that more then one player on the football team had admitted to having fantasies about when Jamie was out of earshot.
  • Lost and Found, by magnuskrauss (Part 1): Jane was alarmed. "What happened to Trent?" she asked without preamble.
  • Mobius Strip, by legendeld (Parts 1 and 2): “I just got a call from my parents, apparently Daria dropped out of school and disappeared.”
  • Sometimes It Rains, by legendeld (Part 11): “Hey, if we drop dead, we’ll try to fall over artistically.”
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: First Day on the Job, by Doggieboy (COMPLETE!): “Kinda wild how a plain old guy like me can score a beautiful runner up for Miss Kentucky, huh?”
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: Journey's Debt, by Legendeld (Parts 4, 5, and 6): “So are you going to blast one of us or send us to separate universes?”
  • Tales of the Ringbearers: Rules of Engagement, by Legendeld (COMPLETE!): “You’re going to go back and tell them I need experienced Ringbearers or metahumans to help me. I don’t have time to babysit some kid.”
  • Two Wrongs Make a Right, by magnuskrauss (COMPLETE!): [No comment except that the ending was perfect.—TAG]

  • King of the Swill, by Gum Wars (COMPLETE!): This story takes place 3 years before DARIA moves to Lawndale. It is a little know fact that mr. Khan from KING OF THE HILL owned a store in DARIAS hometown of highland at that time...


Lily Strange said...

I think my brain is burnt out from too much studying for a really, really, really horrible test. Get yer edumacation when yer young, Kiddies, or you'll end up a middle-aged ex-frybrain who can't remember squat trying to take classes where you have to remember important-like stuff. Such as who this gal is. I just can't place her in my mind! It will probably come back to me during the test, and then I'll be able to think of nothing else!

The Angst Guy said...

Which gal are we talking about?