Saturday, September 20, 2008

Golf Spelled Backwards Is Flog

Today is also another day in the 2008 Ryder Cup for golf, which is being played not far from my house at this very minute. I can see the DirecTV blimp circling from the windows where I am writing. What are they doing up there? At least it's better with just one blimp than the year Tiger Woods came down and there were three blimps, two helicopters, and a light plane flying around in this psychotic traffic pattern in the sky, trying to get more pictures or whatever they were doing. I can't believe they're watching golf from up there. Whatever. Just don't crash into my house like the Hindenburg picture in Daria's locker.

Hey, I was thinking, why doesn't someone write a story in which the Daria characters get on a blimp and cruise around the country or the world or something, or crash on this weird island like in that Jules Verne story where they get attacked by monsters and stuff? That would be cool.


Anonymous said...

The idea of steampunk Daria intrigues me.

(Also, contemporary blimps are filled with non-flammable helium, so if a blimp crashed on your house you would merely be crushed to death, not incinterated).

(Also, your corpse would have a high, squeaky voice).

The Angst Guy said...

(Also, your corpse would have a high, squeaky voice).

That is so . . . unmanly.

Lily Strange said...

I love the Jesse golf pic and the story idea. But whoever writes it must be sure to include the corpse with the high, squeaky voice. I think that part should be played by Kevin. And Jesse should have to fight him off with a golf club.