Thursday, November 13, 2008

A bit of rarely seen Jane art

This is one of the monthly icon pix from Sick, Sad Life Planner. I think it was June. Jane's clearly not a fan of writing in yearbooks. Click image for the big version.

Haven't had time to work out more than this for today. Maybe later will be better.

Oh, almost forgot:

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Greybird said...

Some who've used HeroMachine at the Website have noted that they can't print out the results directly. That, unfortunately, is a limitation of how it's designed.

It uses (now-)Adobe Flash, the source of animations on many Websites, to create those combinations of body variations and costumes.

A HeroMachine result at can be captured, in Windows, by doing Shift + PrintScreen, which copies the monitor display to the Clipboard. You can then paste this into the free IrfanView, or any photo-manip program, and crop or modify it.

If you want to save a larger version of the result, right-click on the image and choose Zoom In. It can then be saved in parts and reassembled in the same programs.

I bought, used, and enjoyed HeroMachine over several versions when it was being sold as a standalone program. It wasn't successful that way. The printing limitation is clearly its greatest weakness ... but it couldn't be changed, the developer told me, without re-engineering it from the beginning to use something other than Flash.

So it was sold to and, if you don't want to run it at their site, has been released for anyone to download. You can do so here.