Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Favorite Unfinished Stories (ver 2.0, part 1)

About a year ago I made up a list of some of the Daria fanfic stories I most wanted to see completed. It seemed like a good idea to apply the pitchfork once again to see if a few great stories can be brought to their well-deserved finales. If nothing else, they make excellent reading, which is a winner right there.

Some caveats:

First, this is not a complete list of all the Daria fanfics I want to see completed. I'm picking out of different sources, some that I did not use before. The following batch is from the back files of PPMB, but even then I didn't search Iron Chefs or pages much past 2005. And I left out some good stories that I'm reasonably sure won't be completed period, alas.

Second, I did not look back at the previous listing I did, because time has moved on and it seemed like a good idea to start fresh. Duplication with the previous list is certain, but who cares.

Third, there will be more posts coming in this vein.

Fourth, if you happened to have written one of the stories I mention, please take this as a show of applause and not a fiery pitchfork in the sensitive and vulnerable rear. I mean only to offer praise. And a potential for even more praise. If you get my drift.

Fifth, if your stuff isn't on this list it's probably because you finish your stories. Or you've indicated you aren't going to finish your stories. Or you disappeared from the fandom after the aliens got you. I might even be getting to your stuff in a few posts, so hang on. In any event, take no offense. These stories, IMHO, must go first.

And now the first half of the PPMB list. Please read along and post your own comments and favorite unfinished stories.
  • The Bible, by Scissors MacGillicutty, et al. This round robin was hysterical. It could be picked up and run along, though I would suggest finding some spot to close it down and do so, so it could be posted.
  • Big Jake's Harley-Davidson, by Ranger Thorne. Man, this was wonderful. A warped alternate-universe twist that no one saw coming.
  • DAR, by Gregor Samsa. A very engaging tale about an annoying computer system. I really want to see where this one is heading.
  • Daria at Forty, by KatrinaMedina. An appealing and realistic future story with a punch right in the gut. I could see this happening, start to finish.
  • Death Rowe, by bgryphon. A spooky tale that is waaaaay out there. A potential Halloween monster.
  • Esteemsters Reloaded, by Decelaraptor. Good family comedy is hard to find. This one was pretty darn decent.
  • Expectavi, by Ranchoth. A delightfully wicked tale of Daria's future career. The style is excellent.
  • Fandemonium, by Angelboy et al. Another round robin that was just plain fun. Any way to continue and end this?
  • Foggy Lawyer Breakdown, by Lawndale Stalker. This one was kinky. I would love to see it continued, with more on how the Morgendorffers cope when Helen goes completely bonkers.
That's enough for now. Part 2 later. Peace out.

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