Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Favorite Unfinished Stories (ver 2.0, part 3)

And here we go again with a couple fanfics I forgot from PPMB and some stories from other sources (SFMB,, etc.), all thrown together in alphabetical order, almost. I skipped some works in progress because they look like they will finish up nicely without my prodding. As for the rest....

  • Bed and Breakfast Man, by Ruthless Bunny. A major work by a master writer, who said in an interview that she was going to finish this (emphasis mine). The story appears to be 98% finished anyway, so it wouldn't take much (nudge nudge)
  • A Daria Sutra, by sleepylotus. One of the very few Daria/Tom shippers that rang true. This one was literally going places.
  • My Nights at Daria's Anthology, by lupinsmoon12391. The poetry is good and delivers long-remembered shocks. This was labeled a WIP, so WIP it! More poetry!
  • Phlegm Noir, by Scissors MacGillicutty. I cheated and looked at my older posts (which you can access by clicking on "unfinished fanfic" under Labels), and realized this story has a chance to see the finish line. We can only hope. It was whack. (Did I say that right?)
  • One Year Later, by NightGoblyn. For a long while my favorite Daria/Harry Potter crossover was Daria Morgendorffer and the Magic Maguffin, by Ranger Thorne. Alas, that one doesn't look like it's going to make it any further, but an equally good Daria/Harry Potter crossover has appeared: NightGoblyn's "One Year Later" (which has Scarlett!). It would be lovely if that one (or, better, both of them) hit the winner's circle soon. Great adventure stuff.
  • The Walls of Jericho, by NightGoblyn. Daria operates a pirate radio station after she arrives in Lawndale. She won't talk to anyone. She has no friends. Everyone hears her, no one knows her. Lonely, spooky atmosphere. Enormous potential. Love it. (The title was a late addition by the author.)
  • The Young Switcheroo, by Smileyfax. Of all Smileyfax's unfinished stories on, this one most rox my sox, and given his considerable talent that's saying something. (My only corrective advice is to reread carefully to pick out the incorrect Daria & Jane names, as identity is critical.) One of the most unusual and creative AUs ever, and most excellently told.
and my most favorite of all unfinished Daria stories:
  • Working Girl, by Kara Wild. Brilliant look into Quinn's mind after high school, her need for independence battling her need for connection with her family. Marvelous psychological study that does not fail to touch the heart. Kara occasionally adds portions to this, touching up things here and there, so stay tuned. Even incomplete, it has had a great impact on my own writing (e.g., "Invisible Planet").
I do reserve the right to add more stories to this list as afterthought allows. Read 'em and see what you think.

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