Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Does this skull makeup make me look fat?"

Sometimes you just don't know why the Daria artists created the alter egos they did. Here's Tiffany in costume for the Day of the Dead, which is big in Mexico today and tomorrow. This kid must be quite a party animal (not!) at Holiday Island High.

Today is also World Vegan Day, celebrating and honoring our interstellar friends from Vega, and also Samhain and also All Saints. Go for it.

And today marks the start of National Novel Writing Month. Those of you who are illiterably inclined may start writing at once. And make sure it's a Daria novel this time.

And now some updates from the last couple days. In the field of visual treats and tricks, we have: Morgan V Morgendorffer, by Psychotol; Trick or Treat! by Breitasparrow; and a collection of pictures from Wouter showing his versions of certain scenes taken directly from Daria episodes. All are worthy of admiration. "Trick or Treat!" does win the Cuteness Cubed award, however.



Lily Strange said...

Well, I'm not a vegetarian, but I did just finish a Samhain ceremony and am now eating butternut squash soup, which seemed an appropriate harvest food.
If I wore hats, mine would be off to you for all the posts the last few days. I salute you!

The Angst Guy said...

No point wasting all this time being sick. Thank you!