Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Day for the Creative

Today is Inventor's Day in Europe, and the celebration has a most unusual heroine. Click and see.

I don't know who invented the Dariabot (Robo-Daria? Daria Borg?) at left. I think it is an MTV creation. Anyone know? I can't even remember where I got it. The rings move up and down in the GIF version.

More soon. Need to get some sleep.


Acidgirl (thank you) has pointed out that the alter ego at left is based on the robot from film director Fritz Lang's 1927 movie, Metropolis. This makes the image doubly significant for Inventor's Day. A true GIF image of the robot (with moving halos) is available here for viewing and downloading. Cool beans. I still wonder where the image originated. Did it appear on an old MTV Daria site? It is a very complicated image. The original movie robot can be seen in images here (thanks to Google).

Several stories have been attempted in the past to write up Daria as a robot. To my knowledge, none have been finished, which is a pity.


Just got home. Renown fan artist Milo Minderbinder has confessed that he is responsible for the marvelous fanwork of Daria as the Metropolis robot. I am not worthy! (See Comments.)

I've searched my records but can find only one Daria-as-robot fanfic (unfinished, but a kicker): D.A.R.I.A., by Greystar. I did not include that one in my favorites list only because I didn't think it would be completed, but if by chance it was, that would so totally R0K! Anyone know of any more Daria-bot tales? (Not Tiffany, Daria.)

Latest entry on DariaWiki: The Well (by Brother Grimace).


Acidgirl said...

la imagen proviene de la pelicula Metropolis (1927) del director Fritz Lang

Anonymous said...

That's what I would have said except it'd be in English.

Milo said...

It's mine. I created it as an avitar on the Paperpusher site, but replaced it when the crappy size restriction was enforced.

And yes, its part of a finished story. The "movie poster" and tale for "Lawntropolis" can be found at

Peace out.


The Angst Guy said...

Oh! I didn't know it was a fanwork. If you want me to remove it, I will do so as soon as possible.

milo said...

Nah. leave it. Glad to see it getting any attention after so long...


Anonymous said...

My favorite Daria story involving a robot is the one where Daria makes Tiffany bust a gasket ("Does this error make me look fat?") and Sandi manages to shut her down before Lawndale High goes sky-high.

The Angst Guy said...

Milo, I have to say that the image is one of the most awesome ever devised for Daria. It is mind-blowing. And the movie reference is perfect for her. Thank you!

acidgirl said...

Don't Make Me Blush =)

The Angst Guy said...

This is the Internet! We can do anything!