Monday, November 3, 2008

Get Organized with Quinn!

This little picture was part of some auto-sorting thinger in Sick, Sad Life Planner, and I offer it to you just for fun. Not sure what you will do with it, but it's "new" Quinn art, anyway.

At the moment I am working on completing the list of fanfiction for 2008. It is quite a chore. I hope to finish by tomorrow night. I can't believe how much stuff has been written. There is certainly a lot of superhero and SF material, but not a lot of canon or semi-canon AU stuff. This is to be expected, I think, given how long the show's been gone. Still love it.


masterymistery said...

cool site--keep up the good work.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

Lily Strange said...

I love it! In my alternate reality for the Daria folk, Quinn is now on a reality show competing for the love of Lord Iffy Boatrace (a character actually created by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden) who is a 50-year-old virgin transvestite. I can just see Quinn helping Lord Iffy arrange his linen closet.
You might get a kick out of this. I had seen the picture of zombie Kevin, then I saw this joke, and I cooked up this insanity. In the alternate reality of the Netherworld according to Lily the Delicate Petite Poisonous Flower, Kevin is now living the life of a gay zombie! You can have a look here if you think you might find it amusing.