Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bad Braces! Bad Braces!

Derek has posted a tricky new Iron Chef at PPMB: "My braces made me do it." What crime can a young Sandi Griffin blame on her braces? We'll see.

Undefinedlust has presented his notes and commentary on "Love Is a Series of Burning Sensations" (Act 2) , on PPMB.

  • Camp Pu, by Smileyfax (Part 2): They reached the cave a little past noon. Whatever fire had caused the smoke Amelia observed earlier had apparently grown in intensity, for even Daria could see the far-off plume now. Seeing it only deepened the pit she felt growing in her stomach all morning. Inside the cave, the counselors took the food and set it up at the cave's rear. (It was less of an actual cave and more of a dent in the hill's surface). For a while, the counselors tried to entertain the kids by having them sing songs and play simple games, but after an hour most of them went outside. Quinn's friend Tracy snickered that the counselors had all gone off to 'do it', but most of the other campers didn't know what that meant. ("Do you know what 'do it' means, Daria?" Amelia had asked. Daria just rolled her eyes).
  • Just Friends, by Pinkminx (up to Part 10): "Two minutes," Addie said as she slapped a dollar on the table. "One minute," Quinn added, placing her dollar on top of Addie's. "Forty-five seconds," Jane concluded as she added her own money to the small pile.
  • Our Time Now, by Charliefox2012 (Part 5): Another week had passed that Daria was staying with Jane. And it was another week that things were still wrong. Jane’s mood had gotten considerable worse since Daria had gone out with Tom on Saturday. Jane didn’t speak much to Daria, unless she had to. They however, did keep things amicable since Daria still had to stay at her house. Jane was still her friend and didn’t feel right kicking her out. She knew how Quinn could be and even through the misery, a part of Jane still wanted Daria around. Jane honestly didn’t want things to be this way; it wasn’t supposed to be this way. She wanted things back to normal, but now, she didn’t even know what that was anymore.
  • Sinspiration, by Vlora (up to Part 13): After a few days, Daria has something worthwhile, her lyrics meaning very little – but they were lyrics none the less. After showing them to Jane, she reworked them again and again, until she felt she could show them to Trent. Without giving much of a thought to the issue at hand (such as her mother and Quinn trying to figure out why Trent had come over and insisted coming in) she went over to Jane’s house. Jane seemed more than happy to see Daria interested in something outside of discussing Tom, especially as it seemed more constructive than anything else.
  • Truth or Dare, by Smileyfax (Part 1): "Everyone ready for a hike?" Mr. Potts, the owner of Camp Grizzly, asked the assembled former campers. They were attending their five-year reunion, but most of them seemed rather unenthusiastic -- only muted acceptance for Mr. Potts' call to hike was given up. Skip spoke up. "He said, 'Is everyone ready for a hike?'" Skip was unable to rouse more cheer from the crowd than Mr. Potts was able to, though. "I wish Skip would take a hike," Daria griped. Amelia, a hanger-on from last time Daria had been to the camp, laughed.
  • Wristcuttters: A Daria Story, by Charliefox2012 (up to Part 13): They had been driving for a few hours now. Mikal had fallen asleep in the backseat and Eugene had the decency to not speak to Daria as she was still fuming at him. She almost lost a good friend because of Eugene. It made Daria angry. If she didn’t lose things because of herself, then it would be because of someone else, making Daria think of Jane’s boyfriend Tom. Daria was just so tired of losing.
  • Cold Comfort, by Doggieboy (Part 6): The first policeman who made it outside of the Sanders County Justice Building happened to be Deputy Jack, who ran to the street, a .30-06 rifle in his hands and angry look on his face. "I'm gonna blow your ass right off that motorcycle, bitch!" he said as he aimed the rifle at Daria's back. Sheriff Dougherty, however, was right behind him, saw the frozen pedestrians between them and Daria and yelled, "Jack, no! There's people in the way!''
  • Expecting Trouble, by Legendeld (Part 8): Quinn held the still hand of Sandi Griffin as the machines hooked up to her friend kept up their constant pattern. She didn’t mind the annoying beeps or even the hissing from the ventilator. Every second the sounds continued meant Sandi was still alive. [Contains adult content. You were warned.]
  • Unnamed story (Crossovers Not Yet Crossed Over), by Pinkminx (Part 1): A Daria/Dead Like Me crossover: "Forget it. I'm out of here, I just gotta return a book to the library and I'm going home" Daria retrieved a large thick text book from her locker, shut the door, and began to walk toward the library.
  • Unnamed story (Second Coming of the New Ideas Thread), by Lorenzo Sauchelli (COMPLETE!): "Friends, Lawndale Lions, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Daria, not to praise her."


Anonymous said...

I just noticed that you always quote a story whenever you post a link to its chapter. Do you just pick a line at random, or do you go for your favorite?

Disco316 said...

It seems if he has a favorite, he posts it; otherwise he just takes the first line if nothing else tickles his fancy.

undefinedlust said...

Or in the case of extremely long fic like mine, its usually something at the very start, if not the first line. He mentions things he likes better on occasion later in comments on PPMB.

This has taught me to make damn forsure I don't screw up the first 2 paragraphs as I have been mortified by the mistakes being posted here heheh

The Angst Guy said...

I.... guess I don't have to answer!