Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smarter than the Average Berra!

A quick sports note about a quotable quoter: Yogi Berra, famed catcher and baseball manager (and legendary mangler of English) was born today 84 years ago. He is the renown inventor of Yogiisms, which have to be read to be understood. Brilliant work, man. Daria loves you!

Interesting, I just noticed that Trent is wearing Lawndale High School colors. Wonder if he finally got a job working for Ms. Li.

DariaWiki has benefited from the handiwork of Mman, João Paulo Costa, Disco316, Richard Lobinske, Dennis, Brother Grimace, and Doggieboy. Thank you!

Dariaverse.com has updated! Hooray!


Dennis said...

No one comments because it's too busy here.

MMan said...

Nobody likes Quinn; she's too popular.

The Angst Guy said...

I, uh... um, wait, I'll think of one. Gimme a few minutes.

Disco316 said...

MTV doesn't put out Daria on DVD because of the music rights. If too many people buy it, they'll lose money on the deal.