Thursday, May 14, 2009

Next, on MTV....

... nothing.

No one has reported Daria resurfacing on the tube.


Got the image at left from an old MTV Daria page through the WayBack Machine. "Try not to get too excited." No problem, dude. Nothing to get excited about.

Okay, time for something less depressing. The fanfic has been pretty good.

Stay tuned.


undefinedlust said...

It will almost surely happen within the next couple of years. We seem to see nostalgia crazes earlier and earlier these days. I can see a 90s revival thing starting towards the start of the next decade.

The question is, what can we in fandom do to be ready when it happens so we get what we want (The DVD's) and plant seeds to continue the fandom for years to come.

Personally I am looking forward to Falling Into Retirement, Turnabout Confusion: The Alzheimer's Years, Pause in the Air: Our Grandson, and dare I say it? It's All About Respect actually being completed, so we need the fandom to survive a bit longer yet.

The Angst Guy said...

I hope this blog is helping a little to keep the flame alive.

undefinedlust said...

Of course it is. Without DFB2 a newcomer to the fandom would likely miss some of the best stuff in the fandom. Given that I have only been here since November last year myself I can say with confidence that DFB2 introduced me to a lot of sites and resources I might not have found otherwise.

My question is what else can we do? The recent debate about the future of SFMB made me wonder about this a bit.

Perhaps SFMB could become more of a gateway to the fandom for new arrivals. For as much as I enjoy PPMB, it has the feel of a place that is home to the hardcore, and not the more casual fan.

Personally I felt more or less welcome from the start, but I can see how it might be intimidating to newer additions.