Sunday, May 17, 2009

YAY! It's World Information Society Day! YAY!

Yes, once again our secret masters at the United Nations have mandated that we have another holiday on Holiday Island, but this time it is one that is of special interest to us fans. World Information Society Day is here to remind us that the Internet has a big effect on our lives, which seems sort of obvious given that you're reading this right now instead of mowing the lawn as you should be doing. We do have our Daria fandom as a result, however, so maybe this is a good holiday after all. Well done, UN!

Of course, this is all academic when the Internet goes down, your computer gets a virus, etc.

REMINDER: The Sick Sad World website is active! Send in your fanworks ASAP! The instructions for fanfiction are here, and the instructions for fan art are here. Go!

  • Am I Being Served? by Ajar (Part 4): "What if we let Mrs. Slocombe model the new line of environmentally friendly undergarments? That's sure to turn the whole department green." [I also liked: "If Roger hadn't told me about the principles of Zen I don't know how I could make sense of anything around here."]
  • Cold Comfort, by Doggieboy (Part 2): "Colonel Armalin is here to see you, sir." The officer raised his eyebrows. Did I hear her right? "Colonel Armalin?" he asked. "Yes, sir." That's odd. Damned disquieting, too. Very unusual for him to show up unannounced like that. He nodded and said, "Send him in."
  • More Strangers, by Waldnorm (Part 1): "So now the Fashion Club is being given a pep rally assembly?! You know, I never thought high school would get any worse." "Ah, amiga, it may just be getting worse. Look outside." [Guess the crossover!]


undefinedlust said...

Yay! Techno day, Disco will be thrilled!

uhh what? Wrong Information Society?


The Angst Guy said...

Actually that WAS the correct one! No problemo!

Disco316 said...

Ah, nothing like the 80's for synthpop.

(And damn, someone beat me to it...)

jtranser said...

Ah,the 80's. I was in Tokyo then, and Synth was everywhere. (Not that I liked it...)

Anonymous said...

I think Sick Sad World was the first Daria site I chanced upon. There, I read this weird/awesome crossover between Daria and Animal House...I think it was by M Man? But I'm not sure.