Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Illustrated Jake & Other Birthdays

I know, I know, the headline didn't make any sense. Whatever.

There are a lot of very relevant birthdays applying to Daria fandom today. Let's fix them up to show their importance.

Jake's Alter Ego: Today is the 89th birthday of master storyteller Ray Bradbury, whose books kept me entertained and informed throughout my childhood. Of particular interest is Jake's alter ego, that of a tattooed man from a circus, which perfectly sets off Bradbury's short-story collection, The Illustrated Man. (The book cover at left is the same as on the copy I owned.)

Daria's Literary Role Model: Writer and critic Dorothy Parker, she of the sharp pen and sharper wit, was born 116 years ago. Read some of her barbed remarks for a real education in wicked writing. She even has a New York City fan club.

Upchuck's Favorite Bond Girl: Honor Blackman celebrates her 84th birthday today. She appeared as a Bond Girl in Goldfinger, and I would bet this appearance (for obvious reasons) made her Charles the Third's favorite.

Summer Lane: Yes, according to one popular fandom mythology, Jane and Trent's oldest sister, Summer Love Lane, was born this day 42 years ago, which was also the same day Vincent and Amanda tied the knot.

Just Because: George Herriman, one of the immortals in the cartooning world, was born 129 years ago today. He was the creator of Krazy Kat, who was forever being hit on the head with a brick by the mouse that Krazy Kat loved. Do you see any application of this theme to any one Daria character in particular?

MOAR NUZ: The announcement that Daria is coming out on DVD in 2010 galvanized two of the message boards for our fandom. If you like posting on MBs other than PPMB or SFMB, try and Television Without Pity, the latter of which is going great guns. Sadly, all of the other MBs appear to have died for now. (The stub MB for Daria on The Onion's website has been taken offline for lack of interest, alas.)

Brother Grimace has published a teaser for his next fanfic on PPMB: Legion of Lawndale Heroes 13.7: Time for Me to Fly. Check it out.

A PPMB thread on student stereotypes and using them in fanfiction is moving along well.

MDetector5 has turned Quinn into a costumed furry. For some reason it makes me think of Honor Blackman again.

Hope your day is a good one.

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