Monday, August 3, 2009

Right Wear It Hertz

Eleven years ago this evening, "Write Where It Hurts" appeared on MTV for the first time. This is actually good advice for writers: write about what you know, and what everyone knows is what has hurt them. It gives the writing emotional honesty, or something like that.

Once again we have some blasts from the past, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. Not all of these webpages are complete, but there is enough there to use as "canon fodder" for future stories.

Oh, and Happy Civic Holiday to you Canadianers. Party hard!

A "lost" Daria essay! Not seen in years! (NEW!)
(Daria writes about Y2K in an essay that was not reprinted in later sites.)

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The Angst Guy said...

I found a lost Daria essay! Hooray! This "World According to Daria" does not appear on the current MTV website!