Monday, August 3, 2009

Guess What I Dragged Out of the WayBack Machine?

You want a Jane Lane screensaver? It's yours, at the link below. I've already loaded it on my PC-type computer and tested it. It works. No viruses. No trojans. No bugs. Just pure Jane excellence.

See Jane run! Go, Jane, go!

The EXE program was somehow saved intact by the WayBack Machine from an MTV Daria site c. 2000. I can't believe it. This is too incredible to keep to myself. I also got the Quinn screensaver (haven't tried it yet), but the Daria one was not recoverable. Alas. But, hey, here's JANEY!!!


E. A. Smith said...

What? Nothing for a Mac?

The Angst Guy said...

Oh. I do think I saw one. I could try to get it. More soon.

The Angst Guy said...

Didn't work, will try it again later. There are screensavers with and without music, for PC or Mac, with Daria, Jane, or Quinn. Just have to find that darn webpage again.

MDetector5 said...

Quinn screensaver, huh? Could you see if it works alright. I might be interested in that. I mean, "3D Pipes" gets old after a while...

Anonymous said...

It does not work for me :(
Everytime i click on "jane_ns.exe", the "Windows cannot find the jane_ns.exe" dialog box appears, and nothing happens. Maybe i'm doing something wrong? Is there any solution to fix this error?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for bad English :)

The Daria Fandom is the best Daria fansite I've ever came across. Thank you for great job!