Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Had to show you this....

Remember that Jane Lane screensaver I wrote about? It shows Jane running night and day, with the sky behind her changing as she runs on and on. There are meteors and stars and the sun and moon and clouds and blue-eyed Jane.

Awesome. You gotta try this.

LATE NOTE: If you want to try to download some of these screensavers for yourself (and some of them might work, but you will have to try them on your own), then go to this archived Downloadables page from March 2000 (MTV Daria site). Right click with your mouse when the cursor is over one of the download links, then click "Save Link As..." and put whatever downloads into one of your folders. If a download wasn't saved, the thing saved will come up as a duplicate of the webpage, meaning there was nothing there to grab. Quinn's links are invisibly there even if the text box isn't, so run the mouse over that space and located the links that way. Both PC and Mac links exist, with or without music. I can't say what was saved and what wasn't. Good luck. (I think Daria's screensaver, without music, was saved.)

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