Friday, June 27, 2008

Daria's Inferno Coming Soon! (Eight Years Ago)

Another anniversary! Yes, the release of Daria's Inferno was announced eight years ago today! Hooray! Only you still had to wait until fall 2000 for the game to come out. Bummer. But just put yourself in that long-ago time, hearing for the first time that there was a game coming out with Daria's name on it. Oh, the excitement! The thrills! Whatever. At least you can get it cheaply now. (See the Lawndale Mall section at left.)

If you are looking for interesting Daria-ish things to download, check out this old site: The Daria Goodies Page. Not sure how much of it is still good, but try it out anyway.

On Wikipedia, the article on "Lawndale (Daria)" was merged into the main Daria article. More consolidation of Wikipedia entries on OH is probably in the works.

  • Screw You, Mary Sue! by durgarox (Part 1): A newly appearing fan offers an intriguing metafic with the promise of MOAR!!!
Moar l8r.

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