Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yes, today is Russia Day! Our Heroine, Товарищ Дарья, is shown here on tour in Moscow's Red Square wearing a snazzy shapka-ushanka (thanks, UU). While exploring the Kremlin, Дарья gets to use her favorite travel phrases: "Оставьте меня в покое!" ("Will you be my friend?") and "Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей!" ("This is a vacation I will always remember!").

If you have anything you wish to submit to Outpost Daria, now is the time to do it! A June update is coming, ASAP. Get the submission guidelines and start sending your stuff in! Art guidelines and fanfiction guidelines are available at the links. More soon.


The Angst Guy said...

I still want to see a story with Boris and Olga from Minsk. As to which college the two attend, see the following list for possibilities:

Szcz said...

Boris was studing in Belarusian State University. There was abbreviation of this university in his e-mail adress. He is from Belarus, not from Russia. It is an independent state now.
"Russia" Day is a Yeltsin's invention. It is holiday for dumbest liberals.