Sunday, June 1, 2008

"It's Children's Day. Oh, joy. Be still, my beating heart."

Many countries around the world celebrate today as Children's Day. Others have the holiday but celebrate it on other dates. The situation is a bit confusing, so read the Wikipedia entry to sort it out. The Holiday Island High teen known as Children's Day probably still watches Pokémon.

In Canada, today is also National Day Against Homophobia, which all Daria slash writers and readers should celebrate, and CNN began broadcasting today 28 years ago. I keep thinking CNN has some tenuous connection to Daria, but I guess not.

A whole bunch of famous people had birthdays today, but I won't name them because you can click here and see the list for yourself.

Oh! And the anniversary most relevant of all to Daria:

(from "Cafe Disaffecto")
  • Jane: Do you know CPR or anything?
  • Daria: I once gave the Heimlich maneuver to Quinn.
  • Jane: Did it work?
  • Daria: She wasn't choking.
The Heimlich maneuver was published in a medical journal 34 years ago today. More to come.

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