Saturday, June 7, 2008

Go Take a Hike!

Yes, friends, today is National Trail Day, a day for hiking in the great outdoo—NO! DON'T EAT THOSE! Damn, too late. Enjoy the upcoming visit from your spirit animal.

Today is also Union Dissolution Day, but only in Norway, so don't worry about it. Unless you live in Norway, of course.

Wraith has announced on PPMB that he will soon update Sick Sad World, one of the longest-lived comprehensive Daria fansites on the 'net! Hooray!

Now 1,864 articles in DariaWiki, with special thanks to NapalmKracken, Brother Grimace, PlayKid, Ranger Thorne, Nighthawk, Doggieboy, Derek, Medea42, Quiverwing, Reese Kaine, and Dr. Mike for their recent work. Some interesting pages seeing use of the above people's talents: Alison and Daria/Star Wars.

Iron Chef: Educational Cooperative has gathered some new material.

SFMB appears to be dead for the most part. I'm hoping it is only pining for the fjords. A couple recent messages appeared on the Daria and Jane 4ever MB on MySpace.

The Daria Fan Club has 840 members with minor activity in the polling sections. Badly needs new polls. Hmmm.

Want to read more thoughts about Grandma Barksdale and the Barksdale Sisters? Go here.

More tomorrow. Peace out, dudes and dudettes.


Anonymous said...

Hm...why did Daria wear her usual attire for the hiking trip? If I felt like being more profound, I'd probably examine why Daria resisted campwear when even Quinn, who's more focused on appearance, went rugged.

The Angst Guy said...

That's sorta funny because that was what went through my head when I saw this picture, too. It didn't occur to me when I watched the episode.

Raven Nightshade said...

Ah, but remember the only things in Daria's closet are her normal outfit, the black shirt and jeans from Alternapalooza, and the "Quinn" outfit from "Quinn the Brain".

Though I have to wonder what happened to the clothes she had from B&B?

E. A. Smith said...

Though I have to wonder what happened to the clothes she had from B&B?

Ritualistically burned in a ceremony designed to eradicate all memories of Highland and B&B. Why do you think she never mentions them on the show?