Saturday, June 14, 2008

"I stand for Truth, Justice, and . . . rrrROWRrrr! Wonder Woman, you look super-luscious today!"

Merely 70 years ago today, Superman appeared for the first time ever in a comic book: Action Comics issue #1. Seems like yesterday.

Hope you don't mind me using Super Upchuck again. I thought it was appropriate, but . . . maybe not.

Also of interest because you and I are interacting by computer, it was 126 years ago today that British inventor Charles Babbage (for whom the Babbage's software stores were named) wrote a paper for the Royal Astronomical Society entitled: "Note on the application of machinery to the computation of astronomical and mathematical tables." He wanted to build what he called a difference engine, basically a prototype mechanical computer. Babbage later developed an Analytical Engine with an even better calculation system, capable of performing a variety of mathematical tasks. Had his AE been developed, we would have had computers and, likely, the Internet about a century earlier than now, and . . . and I'm not sure what would have happened. There have been some guesses about the appearance of this alternate universe. You can make your own. Anyone's guess how Daria would fit in.

That "Evil Jane" thread on PPMB is picking up some nasty stories. I love it.

The format errors in Part 2 of "The Cynic and the Defender" have been removed. Yay! Thank you, Richard Lobinske.


More later. Have to go to a wedding (not mine, someone else's).

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