Sunday, June 29, 2008

Intellectually Gifted & Morally Bankrupt

Ten years ago today, "Gifted" first aired on MTV. The episode is reviewed and discussed in a number of places: SSW1, SSW2, OD, and DW. "Gifted" gave us a closer look at Jodie Landon and her family, Grove Hills, Grove Hills' snotty students, Sandi Griffin's mother ("that witch") and siblings, mass serial puppy kickers, and a failed Jane/Quinn ("Take... her... now").

What I thought was nicest about this episode is the AU potential. What if Daria had gone to Grove Hills? What if both Daria and Jodie had gone? The latter option seems more likely if Jane had not been in Lawndale when Daria arrived, but Daria still disliked Grove Hills' students. Why didn't Daria mention that she would not be able to see Jane if she went to Grove Hills? Why didn't Jane mention it? Maybe Daria and Jane already knew Daria wouldn't attend and so weren't worried. Or neither was brave enough to mention it.

Today is also the day when, ten years ago, the fan website was last updated. It was abandoned thereafter. Win some, lose some.

Almost 30,000 hits on this site! Thank you! Come again soon!

Now 860 fans at the Daria Fan Club, plus new quiz questions, and I finally get one wrong. Damn! Some of these are hard!

Three new Iron Chefs on PPMB, having to do with racial issues (from Szcz), religion (from Hazazel), and dating breakups (from Richard Lobinske). Thank you! Much food for creative thought here.

  • Falling Into College 63: Broken Star, by Richard Lobinske (Part 5): Karen learns the full extent of Derek's injuries, which incidentally sparks a long debate in the thread about the spleen. I like the foreshadowing with Amy and Reese at the start, nice touch. This is a great chapter.
More updates as the day goes by. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

It's possible that Daria and Jane would have continued to be friends despite not going to the same school, y'know.

Comedy option: Daria would have hacked the computers to get Jane admitted.

The Angst Guy said...

Comedy option: Daria would have hacked the computers to get Jane admitted.

And Quinn was admitted instead.