Monday, June 23, 2008

Anniversaries, Left and Right

It's a long list, but here we go:

Daria's second-ever appearance on MTV was a mere 15 years ago today, in the Beavis and Butt-head episode, "Babes 'R Us." If you have the DVD Is It College Yet? you can watch Daria's appearance by unlocking the Easter egg hidden on the disk. (See the link for instructions.) I've seen this film clip and... she looks weird.

The first part of Brother Grimace's "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow" was released eight years ago this month.

Kara Wild posted DWU #20, "Memory Road," six years ago this month.

"Silver Lining," the 24th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske, takes place eight years ago at this time, following the events of "Through Lenses Most Bright."

Producer, director, and screenwriter Joss Whedon was born 44 years ago today. He was the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which we know for a fact (thanks to "Speedtrapped") was one of Quinn Morgendorffer's favorite TV shows.

Want to know about the Trentmobile? Click the link. Want to add more information on it to the DariaWiki? Ditto. A picture would be nice, too.

More later!


Greybird said...

It's in "IICY?", actually. I'll save visitors a step: main menu, features, left arrow to select the stripe on Daria's gown, Enter.

The Angst Guy said...


Thank you. I cannot believe I wrote that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Jane would look like in the B&B style.