Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is She or Isn't She? Autistic, I Mean.

Today is Autistic Pride Day, which brings up an issue that goes through this fandom on occasion: Is Daria a high-functioning autistic person? There was considerable debate about this on PPMB about 3.5 years ago. You can decide if this issue is worth revisiting.

fan artist, fanfic writer, and webmistress Kemical Reaxion has agreed to answer questions posed to her by the fandom. Go to either SFMB or PPMB for details. Give her lots to write about!

Brother Grimace is asking for feedback on his Defender Ring article on DariaWiki. Go for it.


medea42 said...

I've known quite a few autistics, as there seems to be an epidemic of Ausberger's and similar diseases in the Twin Cities. Daria in no way matches the profile of any of these people except for a high intelligence. Also, an autistic would not be observational - the nature of the disease isn't just being antisocial, it's not really realizing or being able to consider other people are there when they are, and right in front of you. Another person in physical form is abstraction. Daria clearly disliked people, and for that, she was engaged enough to acknowledge them as real to her.

The Angst Guy said...

I've known autistic people and have trouble seeing Daria as one of them. Her problem is carrying around an enormous load of unresolved anger, plus being a major introvert. Her connection with her emotional side is poor, too.