Friday, March 27, 2009

Caption Contest!

Supply the dialogue between Daria and Jane in "Comments."


ninetwelve said...

"Blue means pregnant" - Daria
"What are you going to name it?" - Jane
"If its a girl, Myra Hindley Morgendorffer" - Daria
"And if its a boy?" - Jane
"Tom." - Daria

undefinedlust said...

Because it is way too easy...

Daria: So What are you wearing?

Jane: I am naked except for a leather thong...

Ajar said...

Daria: Hello and welcome to Morgendorfferphone, for a one hour discussion of mauve nail polish press one, for a series of frustrated non-sequitours followed by a discussion of military school press two, if your name is Eric press three, for intelligent conversation please stay on the line.

Anonymous said...

"You know how much I love it when you have that just-woke-up sexy voice."

"It gets better. I have bedhead too."

Disco316 said...

Jane: It's strange. After you picked up the phone, the lower half of my body disappeared.

Daria: Again? Damn cheap animation.

brnleague99 said...



"Do you ever feel...not so fresh?"


the nightgoblyn said...



"I just woke up, and there's a guy standing in my closet staring at me."


"No, I'm serious. He's just standing there."

"Um . . ."

"He's wearing a clown suit."

". . ."

"I'm looking right at him."

". . ." click

undefinedlust said...



"I need a really big favor"

"Dare I ask what?"

"I need you to check and see if you have any D cell batteries... as many as possible, and bring them to me as quickly as possible... it's an ummm emergency"

". . ." click

The Angst Guy said...

Daria: Is your refrigerator running?

Jane: If you woke me up for a joke, then you'd better be the one running.

The Angst Guy said...

Jane: While Mack's in the shower, I wanted to call and thank you for getting Tom out of my life.

The Angst Guy said...

Jane: While your dad's in the shower, I wanted to call and thank you for getting Tom out of my life.

Anonymous said...

Daria: It's me again. What kind of batteries did you say?

Jane: D cells. Oh and bring some lube. I want to try something new.

Daria: I'm on my way.