Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It was grrrrrr-REAT!!

"The Invitation" aired twelve years ago today, "Depth Takes a Holiday" (a favorite of mine) aired ten years ago exactly, and "A Tree Grows in Lawndale" nine years ago. Time flies by, whether you like it or not.

Moar soon. Okay, it's soon now.

  • Just Friends, by Pinkminx (Part 1): She sighed heavily and drained the remainder of her Corona, tossing the empty bottle in the makeshift bin beside her. It hit the bottom of the can with a hollow thunk signifying its solitude. She turned and sat against the roof's edge.


Raven Nightshade said...

I find it interesting how tiny Brittany looks next to Jodie.

The Angst Guy said...

I find it interesting that the two young women standing next to Mack feel a need to cover their breasts.

the nightgoblyn said...


If Mack is 6' tall, then measuring by eye this picture puts Jodie at about 5'8" and Brittany at about 5'6".

And the tiger statue about 6'1".

In the spirit of TAG's last comment, it looks like Brit has at least a cup size on Jodie, maybe two. C and DD, maybe?

The Angst Guy said...

Only the man with X-ray vision knows for sure.

Raven Nightshade said...

I think character heights could be extrapolated based on the only one given to us, Daria's. She's 5'2" in Lane Miserables. Since she's already 17 in that episode, I doubt she has more than another inch left to grow, so it's safe to assume that she's going to max out at 5'3" in Season 5.