Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One next-to-last wee bit of Irishness

Had to get Tiffany's leprechaun picture in here somewhere. What would she say about this outfit? What would Daria say? What about Upchuck?

Just had a thought: wouldn't it be great if this was the love-child of Daria and Saint Patrick's Day?

Moar soon. Assuming this blog isn't deleted, which Google has threatened to do. Whatever. That would be the perfect thing for this day, wouldn't it?

NEWS: Lawndale Online reports a problem with fanfiction submissions is being worked on. Only shorter stories can be posted until then. Stay tuned.


cincgold said...

Google has threatened to delete your blog? Tell us some more about that.

the nightgoblyn said...


undefinedlust said...

WTF??? What exactly is Google's reasoning? (Only thing I could see is someone at Viacom getting their panties in a bunch over IP rights)

The Angst Guy said...

I think at this point it has to do with the large number of Daria-related links at left. Apparently (I guess) this caught the attention of some Google robots, who tagged [cough] this blog for humans to examine later. Still waiting for word from them.

undefinedlust said...

Actually I hadn't even thought of that TAG, and it does make sense believe it or not.

There are a huge amount of fake blogs that are nothing but links intended to falsely drive traffic, inflate referral numbers etc...

they generally have no real content and frequently employ scripts to launch all of the links on the page.

Once the abuse department looks at the page it will get cleared up. My guess is that they have a means of adding the blog to a greenlist so it doesn't happen again