Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day for a Goddess

Thousands of years ago today, today was the Quinquatria, a Roman holiday celebration in honor of Minerva, goddess of wisdom and warfare. How this came to have Quinn's name in it instead of Daria's, no one knows.

Okay, more later. Stay tuned. Don't go away. Ciao.

BREAKING NEWS: UU has informed me that all of the flipbooks on MTV's Daria site now work. I tried them, and he is correct. THEY WORK! MORE INFO!

Here are the links he sent to me. UU totally rules. ... rmed.jhtml ... ward.jhtml ... ored.jhtml ... tive.jhtml

Thank you, UU, and thank you, MTV.


UU said...

Thank you, TAG! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them working; unfortunately, the 'oh, the obscurity!' flipbook is still down, but well, one shouldn't cavil.

Many thanks to that MTV guy who has made them work, whoever you are!

the nightgoblyn said...

I wonder if somebody over there is a closet Daria fan. Maybe someone we know!?