Monday, March 23, 2009


It was 11 years ago today that "Monster" premiered on MTV. We got a special peek into Daria and Quinn's childhood, plus Jane's admission that she wants to walk a poodle. And Kevin and Brittany are into The Rocky Horror Picture Show. (I'll never watch that again.)

Latest DariaWiki entry: Leaving Summer. Thanks to Richard Lobinske. Oops! Correction, it's Vlademir1, by Disco316. Correction: Oh, forget it.

SPECIAL NEWS: Remember "Daria @ Raft"? The incomplete comic strip is being discussed here on PPMB.
  • Daria's New Look, by Stevenie Ellis (Part 2): "Have a good time Kidd-" Jake cut off in the middle of his endearment when he saw his eldest daughter. Jane simply burst out laughing. “Why Daria, is that lipstick?”
  • Just Friends, by Pinkminx (Part 4): "You were half way through a bottle of vodka when I found you," Trent told Daria.
  • Unnamed Crossover Fanfic, by Pinkminx (Part 1): Daria woke before her alarm. It was the first day of the school term, and her and her sister's first day at Lawndale High. Daria felt nervous. First days at new schools never seemed to bode well with her.
  • All In the Family...Guy, by peapotmaster (Part 3): "It’s going to be one of those stupid shows where anything can happen, folks. Even in this one."
  • Complications, by Legendeld (Part 5): When the call ended, she lay back down on the bed against the male form whose arms wrapped around her as she rested her head on his chest. “Go to sleep,” he said tiredly.
  • The Fall of the Angst Lords: Rebel Without a Clue, by Gouka Ryuu (continued): “The bards entertain us, and we are the audience. If we want to hear the rest of the tale, then we need to track Gouka down and torture him until we force it out of him!” The young man grabbed a pitchfork, stuck it into one of the small fires some of the peasants had been using to keep warm, and then jumped upon to a ledge for the whole crowd to see. “It shouldn’t be hard to find the bastard! Everyone - gather your things and let’s go hear for ourselves the rest of the story!”
  • Lame Enough at Last, by Ajar (Part 1): “What are you two ladies doing over here?” “Focusing on agility, ma'am. We're focused on all the agile students around us, ma'am.” “Intense focus has indeed been maintained."
  • Lawndale's Finest: The Dark Knight, by NightGoblyn (Part 5): "Don't wait up."
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes 13.5, by Brother Grimace (teaser #2): Debris flew up in a storm as a sudden down blast of wind scoured the area around Tom. He blinked the dust out of his eyes . . . and Jane was in front of him, floating a few inches over the ground. She carried a baseball bat in a loose grip in her right hand. Tom tried to give her a smile: “Oh, hi.” “Oh, hi,” Jane repeated, her tone mocking. “Go to Hell!”
  • On the Clock, by Legendeld (Part 1): She left me alone to do my work all this time and I know they must have pointed in my direction and pushed her. I have to wonder if she ever told them why she wouldn’t. Do they know that their hero is my big sister? Do they know that my abilities all came from her? Everything from hyper strength and speed to the nifty gadgets I use, all of it came from her. I can hear her approaching now. I’d know those footsteps anywhere.
  • Straight, Not Narrow, by Angelboy (Parts 1 and 2): Angelboy is making an offer you might not be able to refuse: write about Daria and Jane, the only straight chicks in Lawndale. Say what?
  • Unnamed story, by Roentgen (Part 1): Roentgen has once again put a story that MUST be continued in the wrong thread. See if you can guess the crossover. (Scissors could, I bet.)


Disco316 said...

Well, technically it was moving the contents of Vladimir1 to Vlademir1, but whatever.

E. A. Smith said...

I continue to quote Quinn's little monologue from "Monster" every chance I get.

"They've been zooming! I do not have pores. My pores are cute; my pores are tiny! You're fired!"