Sunday, March 29, 2009

That New Kid

Eleven years ago, Ted DeWitt-Clinton appeared as Daria's potential new, first-ever boyfriend in "The New Kid." The episode stirred up a storm of controversy at the time, as not many people wanted her to hook up with him. They need not have worried. I still think Ted was gay.

Robert, however, was Daria's first real date. Not likely he'd show up on her date planner in the future, either.

Ted and Robert, however, came to be great friends. Maybe we'll see a Ted/Robert 'shipper one of these days. It could happen.

Moar l8r, stay tooned.

L8R: There's more fanfiction, but it will have to wait, got to go out for a while.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: A well-known fan artist has generously allowed DFB2 to premiere a brand-new artwork this coming week. You MUST stay tuned for more. It is AWESOME. has a note that there is a new jazz singer in the D.C. area who, if I understand the blog post correctly, looks like Daria. Here's a pic of her with The Bad Plus, the jazz group she's with. Hmmm, I dunno, we have people in the fandom who look more like Daria than she does [COUGHKristenCOUGH], but I understand the resemblance.

  • Complications, by Legendeld (Part 6): “She shows up at my house and wants to make out, then she freaks out and starts screaming for me not to touch her. I’m done with her.” He turned back to the driveway. “And I’m sending a bill for the water damage to my car.”
  • Lawndale's Finest: The Dark Knight, by NightGoblyn (Chapter 2, Part 2): “You think you could dial the pep down a little?” Jane asked with a smirk. “Nope,” Stacy said, smiling broadly. “I got some good news this morning, and I’ve been up all day. Not even Mr. DeMartino could get me down.”
  • Things Fall Apart, by Doggieboy (Part 4): “We have an emergency on D-159. A very bad one, I’m afraid.” “Oh?” “A class-3 zombie outbreak. One of their DELPHI operatives is waiting for us at the office.”


Ranchoth said...

Y'know, I've actually got a screencap from a Beavis and Butthead episode that supposedly shows Daria with a "boyfriend," or at least a date——apparently, it was from a "It's a Wonderful Life" type Christmas episode with B&B seeing the effect on the world if they'd never lived (which was mostly positive, unsurprisingly).

I don't know for certain, though, as I've never seen the whole episode myself. I can dig up the screencap if need be, though.

The Angst Guy said...

Here is the picture, but the incident with the previously unseen boyfriend took place in an alternate universe in which B&B weren't around to bother Daria.

undefinedlust said...

Kristen looks like Daria? mmmmmmmm very nice.... ;)

The Angst Guy said...

Kristen looks like Daria? mmmmmmmm very nice.... ;)

Well, yeah, sort of. I mean, if you look at a picture of her without your glasses on and you kinda squint, you know, and it's kinda dark in the room, yeah, she does.

undefinedlust said...

close enough for me :) heheheheh

The Kristen Bealer Guy said...

Technically I look more like Future!Daria from "Write Where It Hurts," but the squinting and stuff is good, too. :)

undefinedlust said...

mmmmmm future Daria... even better, not barely legal....

~slaps himself~

Down boy, down...


Btw, I hope you got a kick out of what i wrote you in for in the fandom drinking game.