Monday, March 9, 2009

I Don't. Do You?

Eleven years ago, "I Don't" made its first appearance on MTV and won the hearts of many fans for its loving take on the institution of marriage. Alas, people still get married today, so obviously the lesson was not learned.

A lot of pictures have been added to some of the characters on Backgrounders. Did you know that Burnout Chick smokes? She was caught in the act in "Jake of Hearts," smoking in the school parking lot.

More as soon as I figure out what I'm doing.

Okay, here's some gnuz. Have Daria shippers run out of unique combinations of possible lovers? This Iron Chef says, hell no!

A preview of "Apocalyptic Daria: Brave New World," Part 6, is being offered by Doggieboy on PPMB. Read and tremble.

  • Acts of Cupidity, by Disco316 (Part 8): Mr. O’Neill sighed. “Brittany, do you know about Utopia?” Brittany twirled her hair around her right index finger. “Um, isn’t that the juice drink they’re serving in the cafeteria?”

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