Monday, March 29, 2010

Jane's Secret Magical Powers REVEALED!

While watching "Jane's Addition" a while ago, I noticed an unusual event that proves Jane Lane has magical powers! The image at left shows Jane in a disheveled state, talking with Daria the morning after Jane and Tom Sloane first meet and Jane goes off with her new bf. Jane's eyes are big because (image on right) Tom has just appeared behind Daria. When we next see Jane, PRESTO! She has nicely combed hair again! (See image at bottom left.)

Jane's secret power is obvious. She can make herself look good for any guy in mere seconds without a comb, brush, or anything else. Can the Fashion Club do this? NOT! Jane Lane is her own Fashion Club!

What secrets are left to learn about this amazing town of Lawndale and its inhabitants? Stay tuned and we will see! (P.S. Click on any image here to get a larger view.)

And here are more stories, as long as we're here. Over 153,000 hits! And a warm cheery welcome to all the new Followers of this blog!

  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes Special: No One Is to Blame, by Brother Grimace (teaser): “Yeah, we’ve had the chance to travel all over the world,” Jeffrey Brace said, holding Stacy Rowe’s attention with every word. “Ever been to Easter Island? It’s really cool.” Stacy moved closer to Jeffrey, totally lost in his story as Tiffany Blum-Deckler simply rolled her eyes.
  • Unnamed story (Scenes That Should Be: Breakfast of Zombie Champions), by LSauchelli (scene): "Well, is there anyone alive? Tell me my dad is—" "Your parents are dead." Jane said without mellowing it up. "Quinn too." (Daria/Captain Planet)


Roland 'Jim' Lowery said...

The first two pictures aren't loading for me.

I want my money back!

Pinhead said...

Also Jane has magic pantyhose! We look an episode "Road Worrier":
Jane drags Daria in a cellar. Pantyhose are present -
They come downstairs. Pantyhose are present -
Approach to musicians...
What is it?! Pantyhose have disappeared!
After a minute on the same place. Ah, they here!

Lane's hair have unusual properties. Trent's beard too can disappear.
After one frame!

Roland 'Jim' Lowery said...

My mind was wandering and it took me a second to realize what scene you were talking about . . . at first "Jane drags Daria in a cellar" made me imagine an Evil Dead type situation.

The Angst Guy said...

Lawndale: We're Magically Delicious!