Friday, March 5, 2010

"Ooo, my leg!"

"Fat Like Me" came to the little screen nine years ago today on MTV. Daria and Jane's part in the story was lame (sorry, I know), but Sandi and Quinn got to change their relationship. This point has been discussed here before, so click on "fat like me" in the Labels section for more.

Sandi could have wound up with injuries far more severe than a broken leg. Not really sure if that would make much difference to the story, though, unless she was wheelchair-bound for years later. Otherwise, same old thing.

What if nothing had happened to her whatsoever, though? What if she should have been hurt, but wasn't? Having Sandi discover she was indestructible would mean changing some past events (like the toxic vinaigrette subplot), but it would be a trip. I had an idea for something like this once, never got it off the ground. Oh, well.

  • Bringing the Cheer, by Jim North (COMPLETE!): Daria Morgendorffer woke up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to get the day started. "That's weird," she mumbled to herself as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. (
  • NEW! Finn Morgendorffer 35: The Fat Chick, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 3): “Oh, poor Sandi!” Stacy remarked sadly once the two found a corner. Finn, no longer able to hold it in, started to laugh hysterically. “Finn!” Stacy was horrified at his behavior. “Ha, ha. I’m sorry, it’s’s just so funny.” Finn wiped a tear from his eye and choked out a sentence between his chuckles. “Finn, this is horrible for her!”
  • NEW! General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (Part 16): Daria told her everything else, succinctly. Before she finished, Jane flung herself into a chair, and bit her lip in obvious vexation. "Damn it, amiga, even this second body of yours is just a pawn. You don't know anything more than your old body did, and your fooling around on Mars amounted to nothing. We've gotten nowhere in this past month, and time is running out."
  • The Hallowed Halls of Fielding, by Roentgen (Part 13): As Daria drew a quick sketch, she heard something that sounded like a tweet, followed rapidly by another tweet. The two sounds repeated themselves, and then stopped. For a few seconds, Daria thought she was suffering from tinnitus. No one noticed anything. Anderson remained at his seat, reading from the textbook.
  • Jacob Morgendorffer, Esq., by CAP (Part 4): Rita looked at her sister closely as they made small talk for several more minutes. Helen looked tired. No surprise there. She knew Helen was knocking herself out trying to be the valedictorian of her class. Her competitive nature would not allow her to try for anything less and she was working part time to boot. Yet there was an odd tightness around Helen’s eyes that Rita noticed but could not put a name to. “Are you okay, honey?” she finally asked.


road waffle said...

Was Daria and Jane's part in this their betting? If so I enjoyed that! It felt like the old Daria and Jane again.

Anonymous said...

Hm, an indestructible Sandi, eh? I wonder...