Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Three Daria episodes premiered today in the distant past: "The Invitation" (13 years ago), "Depth Takes a Holiday" (12 years ago), and "A Tree Grows in Lawndale" (11 years ago). At left we see the results of Cupid's Love Taser on Jake and Helen. A very sweet and special moment it was. ZAP!!!

And a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CHUCK NORRIS! He turns 70 today. No kidding. He is THE MAN!!!

  • NEW! Mega-fan tafka from Australia has posted a link to the OzDariaCon site on Facebook, with photos from past OzDariaCons. (You need to be logged into Facebook to see the link given in her post.)


  • Daria—The Next Chapter, by LadieT (Part 4): Jane's night was no better. She tossed and turned. As she fell into an unnerving slumber, she had an eerily vivid lifelike dream. She was sitting on the couch in their old apartment in Boston. She was looking at photos strewn over an old coffee table, with her hands in her lap. She heard the door open and close. A pair of arms reached around her. She looked up and saw Tom's smiling face. "Hi, Jane. How are you?" [continued here]
  • NEW! A Few Years Difference, by Vlora (Part 3): "So what did you do all day, Trent?" the younger girl asked, her hands tucked under her chin as she pretended to look interested. Daria had felt her attention snap to Jane accidentally at the question; she quickly turned her eyes back to her half-eaten slice. "Slept." Jane groaned, "How do you manage to sleep all day?" "With my eyes closed," said the resolute male whose name was apparently Trent.
  • Finn Morgendorffer 36: Brain of the Family, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 2): Daria wasn’t surprised to see an older male teacher walking out with a box of his things as she walked to the school the next day. That must have been Mr. Edwards, the teacher Finn had mentioned was doing whatever it was to that girl he was talking about. Daria briefly considered what ramifications it would have, but dismissed it. She didn’t care what happened to that guy, and they’d just pick another teacher. I wonder what idiot would take that stupid job, she thought to herself as she looked out front at the real teachers, who were holding up strike signs.
  • NEW! General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (Part 18): The face was intact. It looked unmarked by the terrible fear and agony that had wracked her in those last seconds as she had burnt like a match in front of the Games Machine. There even seemed to be a touch of colour in the cheeks. Daria felt sure that that dead face looked more lifelike than her live one at that moment. (Daria/van Vogt's World of Null-A)
  • NEWEST!!! In Vino Veritas, by Disco316 (COMPLETE!): After a song by Skin Klinik finished up, the channel went to a commercial. Most of the dozen folks in the bar paid little heed, but one woman fixed her steely gaze on the TV before her. “La la la la la,” sang the TV as a promo for Daria: The Complete Series came on. Various clips from the series run were played to best characterize Daria’s wit. At the end, a female announcer read, “Daria: The Complete Series. Own it Tuesday on MTV DVD.” The woman stared at the TV, a look of hatred in her eyes. “I freaking hate her.”
  • NEW! Zero G, by SigDiff (Part 1): Ringing filled the bedroom as the alarm clock, blinking the time of 7:00 AM, bleated its morning call. A slender hand slid out from the covers lying on the bed beside it, blindly guided to the Off button with a precision obtained from years of muscle memory. “Ugh.” A voice muttered from the bed. After several seconds, Daria rolled over and sat up. After her body automatically retrieved her glasses from the nightstand and put them in place, she scanned the room, finding the other bed empty. I guess Jane found a guy to spend the night with. I just hope she's already awake and on her way over. (based on this idea)
More eventually, fuzzy headed at the moment.

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