Sunday, March 28, 2010

What If... Lawndale Had Been Closer to Three Mile Island?

The infamous Three Mile Island near-meltdown took place 31 years ago today near Harrisburg, PA. This incident has been brought up in this blog several times, mainly because Lawndale is alleged to be in either eastern Pennsylvania or Maryland, very close to this spot. Jane Lane has something to say about how things would have been different if Lawndale had been a suburb of Harrisburg. Anyone interested in exploring this alternate history should read the notes about it here and a suggestion here.

This is also supposed to be Something on a Stick Day and Weed Appreciation Day, both of which I am sure Jane celebrates yearly in her own special manner.

  • Bumpmass, by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): [previously appeared on PPMB]
  • collar, by Jim North (COMPLETE!): [previously appeared on PPMB]
  • Gimme the Prize, by RLobinske (COMPLETE!): [previously appeared on PPMB]
  • The Girl with Golden Eyes, by Michellesdaughter (Part 6): Jane walked out into the backyard and walked straight towards the two. Effy sat up and gave a little wave and Jane ended up slapping her. Daria ran outside with Jesse behind her. Trent was frozen at first, they all were. Effy stood up and held her face. "The hell, Jane?!"
  • Pluck'd a White Rose, by Dennis (COMPLETE!): [previously appeared on PPMB] (OD)

  • NEW! Falling into College 72: Valley of Love and Delight, by RLobinske (Part 17): Together, Daria and Michael joined hands and returned down the aisle. When they walked by, Nell whispered to CC, "So much for standing up after the 'if any has reason, let them speak now' bit." Hearing them, Sean said, "Did you really think that they would leave an opening like that that?"
  • Finn Morgendorffer 39: That S-E-X Word, by HolyGrail2007: Finn started to talk rather fast as Jane pulled his shirt off. “You’re nervous?” Jane asked. Finn only talked fast when he was nervous. “I... a little,” Finn admitted. “I mean, I really do want this, and I really want you, it’s just... you know I’ve never done this before and you deserve to be happy in all ways and I just want to give you the best pleasure imaginable and it’s a lot of pressure and it makes me nervous, and I always talk too much when I’m nervous and...” Finn continued to chatter, however, he did start pulling Jane’s clothes off.
  • John Lane 45: Haunted by the Past, by RLobinske (Part 4): Jodie said, "So you're really doing it?" "Unless they're writing in crayon, I'm sure I can edit whatever they give me into something useful," Daria said. "And if they use crayons?" "I'll give it to John to convert into an art project." "Gee, thanks," he said.
  • NEW! Kamen Rider D, by Silver (Part 4): D lashed out, punching it in the nose. The monster staggered back, holding its nose in surprise. "You're worse than my last date!" it snapped at her. "Um, we are trying to kill each other, you know." The tiger stopped to consider this. "Right. Forgot." It charged again.


undefinedlust said...

Well in LSBS at least Jane frequently appreciates weed... oh wait you don't mean that sepcific weed... uhh my bad

The Angst Guy said...

The dandelion kind, I meant here. :)

The Kristen Bealer Guy said...

This is also supposed to be Something on a Stick Day...

I think this is an appropriate time to mention Midwest Dariacon 2010, taking place at the Iowa State Fair in August!

Be there or be some random geometrical shape as yet to be determined! :D