Monday, March 29, 2010

Janet Barch: Warrior Princess!

Happy Birthday, Lucy Lawless! You (as Xena) are Janet Barch's favorite TV character! Interesting that Barch uses a phallic dagger and not Xena's real weapon of choice. Hmmm, did that mean something?

"The New Kid" appeared on MTV twelve years ago. There are stories that Ted DeWitt-Clinton's appearance as Daria's first "real" boyfriend was not met with the wholehearted approval of the fandom. Maybe everyone wanted Daria for themselves. Or everyone preferred her unattached, or attached to Jane. Water over the dam now. Daria/Ted wouldn't have happened anyway.

This is also National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, so we have gone back to "Camp Fear" and dragged out Earl and Barbara, who owned the dreadful unique cookie business at the general store. Good luck, you two!

  • Mack Mackenzie has bad habits? He does now!
  • Midwest Dariacon 2010 now has an activities list! Foremost among them appears to be stepping in cow poop at the state fair.
  • The Best and Brightest, by Smijey (Part 1): "Jane, I'm pregnant and Trent's the father." "Interesting." "If it's a boy, we're naming him Kevin, and if it's a girl, we're naming her Brittany." "Go on." "Damn it, Jane, you're not paying attention!"
  • Finn Morgendorffer 40: Higher Learning, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 1): “Jane, you’re one of the best artists out there, and I know how you work. Just relax, it’ll come. Your best work comes when you just let things go as they should.” Finn chuckled. “Wow, that came out a little more dirty than I thought it would.”
  • Sleight of Hand, by Minx (COMPLETE!): Death doesn't discriminate, it doesn't factor in things like wealth, social status or age. You won’t know when, you won’t know how, but it will happen. Most of you will pass on to greener pastures; to your own personal utopia. A select few of us however won’t be given this opportunity, at least not straight away. No, we stay behind. We are given a new body and a new identity and it will be our job to ferry the fortunate souls to the other side. My name was Daria Morgendorffer. Now I am a Grimm Reaper. (

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CAP said...

Barch has just forcefully taken the phallic dagger from some man and is about to return it violently.