Friday, March 26, 2010

Lucky Strikes Out

Nine years ago this very day, "Lucky Strike" premiered, closing in on the end of season five. A previous post offered some interesting information about this episode, see what you think of it. Wish we knew who the two black teachers were. They sort of magically appeared in this episode, then were never seen again. And the coach never got a speaking part. Alas.

Marianne, the legal assistant in Helen Morgendorffer's office, has a special day today (but no benefits thereof): it's Legal Assistants Day! Now she can shut up and get back to work, there's a deadline.

Today is also Purple Day (commemorating those with epilepsy), Prince Kuhio Day in Hawaii, and the birthday anniversary of poet Robert Frost and Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. By some accounts it is also Opposite Day, but you figure out what to do for that one. It might not be Opposite Day. Or maybe it is.

The Awesome Kem has drawn Kevin as Inspector Gadget, Brittany as his sidekick, and their dog as their dog. Dig it!

  • NEW! Apocalyptic Daria: Timeline, by Doggieboy (Part 3): In Kentucky, Major General Bartholomew J. Simpson and his wife are driving south on Interstate 65 after leaving Standford Louisville International Airport. That is when they hear the first reports of Washington and Pittsburgh being bombed.
  • NEW! Cynic and Violence, by Peapotmaster (Part 2): "The planet is called Lawndale." "What kind of idiot names their planet Lawndale?" "Nerdy fan fiction writers who have nothing to do."
  • Finn Morgendorffer 39: That S-E-X Word, by HolyGrail2007 (Part 1): Finn smiled. “You know I never asked, how did your date go last Saturday with Kelly?” “Fan-tastic,” Jeffy cheered. “How fantastic?” Joey, who was already starting to dress, joined in. “We went to the movie, then to the café. She was enjoying herself the whole way, and I was piling on that Mercer charm. Then we got back to her place, she invited me in, and, well...I scored! Woo!” Jeffy thrust his hips in celebration. Please point that in another direction, Finn thought to himself. [NEW! Part 2 here: Finn hung up the phone. Now he was even more depressed about the whole sex issue. Here was Daria, antisocial and a total misfit, now getting chewed out for having sex. With Tom. Finn’s best friend. Finn wasn’t sure whether to be angry or ashamed. Now even his own sister was having sex before he was. What did that make him? Nervous? Timid? Not interested in girls?]
  • NEW! General Semantics, Private Angst, by Gwrtheyrn (Part 20): She reconstructed it in this way: Mackenzie's orders were to kill Amanda Lane, and 'X,' and maybe Jane as well, but to leave "Enro's favourite cousin" strictly alone. She'd prevented him from carrying those instructions out. But, had Mackenzie deliberately been complicit in his wife's murder? Had that whole gruesome tableau been served up just to convince Daria of his bona fides?
  • NEW! Last Man Standing, by Project Pegasus (COMPLETE!): "So, ummm... I'm reading a book and... it's about John Milton and..." "Woah woah woah. This is your first self-insert, and you chose to blow it like this? You could have at least done something halfway interesting with your first self-insert like go to the Adult Entertainment Expo or something." "But... I thought we could... I dunno, have a fun adventure together. Like, we could do so many Jägermeister shots together that you become too drunk to make it back to your place so you have to stay at my place. When we get there, you come on to me in your drunken stupor but I gently rebuff your advances, informing you that I want you, but not like this and..." "Yeah, that's not happening."
  • Nobody Puts Quinn in a Corner! by Shull Bitter (Part 1): "I don't really think you'd fit in at Hampshire College. It's Shaggy." Quinn wrinkled her forehead, not ugly though, but cute like a puppy. "What's Shaggy?" "You know, from Scooby Doo? There's a legend about the characters on that show being based on Hampshire College and the schools around it. And Hampshire is Shaggy." "Ooooooh." A pause. "What school is Daphne?"

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