Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Age of Discovery

Yesterday I found the website where C. L. Basso ("Devilkitty") posted all of his Daria fanfic. I had thought all of his stuff was gone from the Internet, but I was wrong, thank heaven. Of course I also forgot that Kara Wild still has his works on Contrarian's Corner, so no problem!

Some of you might remember Dr. Mike from a few years ago. He has his own blog with some of his Daria fanfiction posted there. That blog appeared on my radar last evening as well, though I think other fans knew about it long before I did. Eh, so I was slow. So it goes.

There is an unusual website called Twisting the Hellmouth, full of Buffy crossovers, which appears to have some Daria/Buffy crossover tales worth a look.

And there is a website for crossover fanfic called (drum roll) . . .! But, oh horror, there are no Daria stories posted there, even though there is space to do it! How long will this dreadful situation be allowed to stand? More notes soon.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered an interesting Daria/Buffy crossover some time ago that I'm slowly reading through. I don't think it's known to the greater Daria community, either (and it's not on that list):