Saturday, February 2, 2008

What's Happenin'

For those of you just joining us, now and then I like to update the list of recently posted Daria fanfiction, of which there is a rich abundance. Readers who have been around a while might also want to see what's new, in case a favorite serial has been expanded. A small pile of other fandom notes are also in the hopper for a later post.

I'd like to know if these fanfic/fan art updates are helpful or interesting to readers, or if they make nice ego-boo to the writers & artists. (I have no objection to ego-boo and rather like getting it once in a while myself.) Please add your comments, pro or con, on these updates. I mean, if you're going to surf this way, you may as well find something worth reading, right?

On with the show.

  • A Daria Sutra, by Sleepy Lotus (Chapters 1-2): A Daria/Tom shipper that includes backpacking through exotic foreign lands. That's different.



And, in the realm of pure stupid fun:


legendeld said...

I like it.
It saves me from having to check three different sites for story updates.

UU said...

Seconded. It is very convenient.

doggieboy said...

I definitely like it, especially with the descriptions you write.

BlackHole said...

"Size Does Matter, by BlackHole (Parts 1-2): What if Daria and Quinn had been born taller than usual?" - Assumptions, assumptions... ;)

The Angst Guy said...

Uh-oh, I know I did something wrong here. Did I misread the story, blackhole? Sorry if I did.

he nightgoblyn said...

+1 for continuing the updates. Very handly, and the one-line sum-ups are nice as well.

BlackHole said...

Hi TAG, you didn't misread anything - but as far as the story is published, you can only make assumptions... Pt.3 (up now) gives a tad more insight on that matter.
Keep up the good work on your Daria digest!