Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Album Review: Splendora's In the Grass

Some time ago I mentioned that I wanted to buy Splendora's only album and see what the all-girl grunge band's music was like, since I loved the three songs they did for the Daria show and movies. I am happy to report that the album is pretty good, though with a caveat or two.

First, they aren't as polished as, say, the Bangles, but they've got the grunge part down solid. Some of their music reminds me more than a little of Nirvana or Hole (both of which I am a fan), but it is lively and upbeat, and the lyrics tend to stick in your mind ("B-b-b-bee stung lips!"). Oddly, the album sounds a lot better when you play it in your car than it does when you play it on your home stereo system; I have no idea why, but it just goes better with movement.

The "Lawndale Mall" section in the left column has several options for buying a copy of this CD. Mine was only $5.00 and worth it. It has temporarily replaced Tool in my car's CD player. You can almost imagine Daria bobbing her head to this as she does her homework. Give it a shot.

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