Monday, February 4, 2008

One, no, Three Important Notes for Tonight

The winners of the 2007 Booties: Daria FanWorks Visual Awards have been announced on PPMB! Go there and seek the best!

Also in the realm of Awesome Artwork, only for this year, the amazing S.C. has depicted Quinn vs. Sandi in a catfight to the death, or whatever! It is win cubed to the awesome power! And it makes a handy-dandy background on your computer, too.

Brother Grimace e-mailed me a note about an unusual website he discovered, available only through the WayBack Machine at Virtual DariaCards. I have no idea what it does, but have fun with it. BG wrote, "I think it's archived material from Invisigoth Gypsy's ole Trent Lane site 'Seven: Trent Lane', which was one of the first Daria sites I'd ever come across, back in 1999." Anyone know anything else about this? Ve-ry interesting. . . .

More soon. Making notes on some mini-essays.

1 comment:

legendeld said...

I love the Quinn vs Sandi now we need one in swimsuits ... in jello
... red jello.