Monday, February 25, 2008

Here they are, The Harpies! Or whatever.

We learn from her brief visit to Axl's in "Pierce Me" that Monique No-Last-Name was once in a band with Trent Lane, she's currently a member of a band called The Harpies, and she's thinking of leaving them "for real this time" to start her own band. This was in Season Two, usually placed around the 1997-1998 school year.

There are several literary ways to handle this. Fanfics could cover Monique's time with the Harpies, assuming she decided to stay with the group under improved conditions. At least three authors so far have written tales in which the Harpies appear, even going so far as to name the other members of the group: Bacner (twice), Richard Lobinske, and Crazy Nutso. One could even do a short series of stories on Monique's musical adventures with her bands. (The Harpies is, if the name is any clue, a girl band like Splendora.)

Or, we could get a look at Monique's future, what she was doing during Seasons Three through Five, having started a new (assumedly alternative rock) band in the Lawndale area. Who else would she have in the group? There aren't a lot of twenty-somethings around in the show, excluding Ashley-Amber Taylor for obvious reasons, but it's fun to guess. Off the top of my head, I can think of one drummer who might show up to help with the band now and then. It's a fun thought, up for grabs if anyone likes it. More later.

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amysacrifice said...

I always thought of her as starting a band with the guy from 'Cafe Disaffecto.' Dunno why.