Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eight years ago . . .

First, a word of advice from Quinn Morgendorffer:

"'Stacy, it's a Super Bowl party. Guys yelling and jumping up and down and banging into stuff and dip, Stacy, dip!' So she decided to go with a print instead. You know what I always say: dip is short for dipsaster."

Remember that.

Richard Lobinske, in his exhaustive study of Daria chronology, pegged the date of "Fizz Ed": "The school review meeting is on 'the 30th,' which is Superbowl Sunday. This matches January 30, 2000 and Superbowl XXXIV." Eight years ago.

Relatives are coming in, so my blogging will be on the low end for a few days. You have a great Superbowl and an ever better time with family and friends.

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