Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lots of Little Things to Check Out

While Gulliver Daria babysits the ankle-biters in Lilliput, we're go through some odds and ends here.

Today is the birthday of Mack Mackenzie's namesake, Michael Jordan, who's 45. It's also the birthday of the first-ever costumed superhero, The Phantom, who is 72.

Several websites concerning Daria fandom are in need of updating, and you might be the one for the job.

Dariacon at ElWiki: If you have a Dariacon in the works or are looking for one to attend, register here and get this site up to speed. It could use some artwork, too. Won't take long to do.

DMOZ Open Directory Project - Daria: It appears a volunteer position is open for editing this page. These links are pretty old and could use sprucing up. Got some free time?

Yahoo! Animated TV Shows > Daria: This directory page is old, too, but could be updated if enough people send e-mails in listing websites that should be included. Take a minute to compose something and send it in. (Don't pick the $299 option for registering, of course, just the free one.)

PPMB Fan Art Update
Brother Grimace had an interesting thought about the moment in "Pinch Sitter" when Daria comes to the door with her hair in pigtails. Had she and the Gupty kids already watched some unauthorized television before Jane got there? You decide. (Warning: video contains a pop star dancing.) More soon.

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