Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Janey Had a Little Plan

Right at the beginning of "I Don't," we catch the end of one of the strangest conversations that Daria and Jane have in the series. As Jane walks with Daria to the Morgendorffers' house, probably for some quality Sick, Sad World time, she tells her friend about an idea she has.

"I don't think you've thought this through," says Daria. "What do you do with the hostages once you get to the airport?"

"They're coming with me," says Jane. "We're talking party plane, all the way to Libya."

Their discussion is interrupted, and we are left hanging. What exactly was Jane's twisted plan? Has anyone ever done anything with this in fanfic? What's keeping you?


Mike N said...

Something even MORE interesting was that this comment was edited out of all the "N" showings as well as any others (including Canadian) that were broadcast after September 11.

Indeed, this was certainly just one more twisted thought on Jane's part, perhaps a piece of performance art. But the events that occurred after the first showing were just too painful to leave the exchange in for later air dates.

the bug guy said...

Actually, I recorded "I Don't" during the final marathon before "Is it College Yet?" and the exchange was intact. That may have been the only post-9/11 broadcast that way