Friday, February 22, 2008

A Fandom History Wiki? Who'd've Thunk It?

While cybersurfing® the superwideweb infomercialnet nanoblogwave®, I found another curious website, one where the history of various media fandoms could be posted. And lo! They had a slot open for Daria stuff, and someone had posted stuff thereon! This is the Fandom History Wiki (link goes to the Daria fandom section).

What else was there . . . oh, lupinsmoon12391's Xanga Site, and a weird very pink one called Femslash Ficathon 2007, with a special Daria section. Huh, wonder what that's all about.

More soon after I cybersurf® the next nanoblogwave®. Happy GW's B-day!


the bug guy said...

In the Fandom History Wiki: Char-devvers??? WTF?

Was that some generic add to get things started?

The Angst Guy said...

I thought a char-devver was some kind of fish, actually.