Friday, February 8, 2008

You Never Know Who's Lurking in a Chat Room

The Daria Diaries has hundreds of plot-bunny gems buried within it. For example, in her notebook planner for Thursday, October 23rd (that would be 1997 to be accurate), Daria wrote: "Log onto Area 51 chat room posing as someone who gives a damn." We know from other notes she makes that she has an interest in paranormal phenomena, from Bigfoot to UFOs. What kinds of things might she type in that chat room while she smirks? What kinds of trouble could she unknowingly stir up by pretending to be someone she is not, talking about aliens and conspiracies and flying saucers and invasions of Earth? I'm sure it would only be innocent fun and do no harm. Of course it would. This is why we have fanfic.

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